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6 Easy Ways to Save Loads of Money on Your Ski Holiday

If you have never before gone on a skiing trip then you might think that this is a really expensive type of holiday that only very rich people can afford to go on.

However, this is a kind of holiday that anyone can enjoy these days, no matter how tight their budget is. In fact, there are also some brilliant ways of saving money on a ski holiday that you should be aware of. By taking advantage of these ideas you can have a fantastic time out on the snow without it costing too much at all. 

Look for Family and Group Discounts


Going to a ski resort with a group is one easy way to get a great price. Many of the very best resorts in the Alps offer big discounts for groups and families. This means that heading away with others is a great idea in a financial sense as well as a way of having more fun.

While you save money you can also enjoy the trip with some of the special people in your life. A ski trip is a wonderful way to spend quality time with friends or family and get to know each other better. It doesn’t matter if you are all different levels of skiing ability either, as you will find a variety of slopes to suit all of you.

If you try this once then it might turn out to become your favorite new way of getting away with your friends and family once a year. Sitting together round the fire and eating some terrific food while talking about your day is a very special way to end a memorable day with the people you care for.

Check Out the Different Resorts

There are many resorts to choose from, with each of them offering different prices. For example, in the French Alps region you can choose from the likes of Les Arcs, La Plagne, and Morzine among others.

The prices can vary greatly from one resort to another, based on factors such as the current demand and the prestige of the slopes there. You certainly shouldn’t automatically assume that the lowest priced options are going to mean a poor holiday. These places all offer a wonderful skiing experience, no matter how little you manage to pay for it.

Don’t be put off by the name and the fame of the resort, either. Even world famous places where the celebrities visit can be better value than you might imagine. Just get a few quotes and you will soon be able to narrow down your list of options to suit your budget.

Find the Right Kind of Accommodation


Chalet Sylvie - Meribel

There are usually a number of types of accommodation you can choose from in your resort. This typically means that you can decide whether to stay in a hotel, a chalet, or an apartment. Each of these choices has their own list of advantages that make them worth choosing in different circumstances.

If you are looking to save some money then you might find that a classic chalet with catering included is the right option for you overall. However, some resorts also have good hotels or apartments at even better prices.

The best idea here is to not rule out any type of accommodation until you have checked them all out. By checking for deals online you can very quickly get a feel for the difference prices and for which option is going to be best for you.

[h2_heading] Choose the Dates Wisely[/h2_heading]

It seems obvious to say that you will want to take your skiing break when there is good snow on the ground but the ski season is long in the best resorts in the French Alps. This means that you still have a long period to choose your exact dates from, which is great news for bargain hunters.

As with any type of holiday, the more flexibility you have in terms of dates the better it will be for you. You can get quotes for a number of different travel dates and see which ones are going to give you a price you are happy to pay.

You might also find that waiting until the last minute to find a deal could help you get away for a lot less. This is an exciting way of booking a trip as well, as you won’t know until you book it where you are going to end up travelling to.

Spend Less on Food and Drink


One of the biggest expenses for many skiers comes in the form of the food and drink that they consume while they are on holiday. It can be expensive to eat out every night in these places, although there is no denying that the cuisine on offer tends to be fantastic. Typical French food and hearty dishes are the order of the day for most skiers after a day of exercise out on the snow. A nice bottle of wine also helps to end the evening in a fair bit of style.

If you want to save some money in this respect then you could try stocking up on food and drink from your local supermarket and eating in your chalet. This is a fine way of discovering local produce and feeling right at home as well. Alternatively, you could choose to stay in a chalet where catering is included. You could also do some research online before you go away and find out where the best value places to eat in your holiday area are.

Many French ski resorts are well known for their brilliant nightlife, so this is another temptation that you need to be aware of and to plan for. If you enjoy some fun after a day of skiing then staying in with some friends and a bottle or two of supermarket wine can be an even better choice than going out.

[h2_heading] Go All Inclusive[/h2_heading]

An interesting option that not everyone is aware of is the idea of going all inclusive. This is a clever type of package holiday that works in the same sort of way as all inclusive deals in traditional beach resorts.

Basically, you pay up front for everything. This means bundling together cost of your chalet, your flight and transfer, food, lift pass, and equipment hire. By paying for it all together you can get a spectacular deal that saves you a fair amount of cash.

The additional benefit to doing this is that you then don’t need to worry about taking too much money away with you. Of course, the more money you save on this trip the more you can put towards the next ski trip that you are sure to start dreaming of.

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