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Getting Started at Tignes: Things to Do

For a fantastic stay in the French Alps you can’t do much better than head to the classy resort at Tignes. This is a hugely popular tourist destination that is just as good in the summer as it is in the winter time.

Understanding what to do and how to get started will ensure that you get a fantastic holiday in Tignes. The following interesting ideas will get you off to a great start when you travel there.


If you don’t yet known a lot about this place then you might think that skiing is the only thing worth doing in and around Tignes. While it is true that this is a hugely popular ski destination, you will find a lot more to do here other than just get out on the piste.

This is a great choice of destination for an activity holiday, with lots and lots to do every day. From mountain biking to hiking and from canoeing to white water rafting, there is a big range of activities on offer here that appeals to all types of people.

Mountain Activities

Summer Activities

There are a good number of different mountain trails to choose from here, meaning that you can go for a gentle stroll in the mountains or else take on a far more vigorous walking challenge if you prefer. This region is stunningly beautiful in the summer months and you might be surprised at how pretty it all becomes at this time of year.

For those visitors who want to travel around the Tignes area at a greater speed the idea of mountain biking could be the first thing to grab their attention upon arrival. As in the previous point, there is more than enough variety in the trails here to make it a suitable spot both for experienced cyclists and for relative newcomers to this exhilarating sport.

Mountain biking in the French Alps is one of the very best ways of seeing a lot of the area while getting some invigorating exercise at the same time. Overall, this is definitely an ideal activity in Tignes for anyone who wants to get some adventure in their holiday.

Just like walking, it is also a good activity for families that want to add some excitement to their holiday and get the kids out exercising. If you have kids and want to make the most of your time together in Tignes then you will want to at least consider this idea.

Water Sports

Water Activities

The presence of Lake Tignes here means that this area is also fantastic for those tourists who want to get out on the water for some thrilling sports during the summer. The lake actually covers the old town of the same name and the list of options on offer covers water sports such as kayaking or canoeing.

You could also get out on the lake on a catamaran or a pedal boat if you prefer this approach. If you want something a bit more dramatic then the rivers that run through the mountains around Tignes give you the perfect setting for amazing water sports such as white water rafting, canyoning and canoe rafting.

All of this means that there is something for everyone out on the water, regardless of whether they want high-octane thrills or a somewhat gentler experience.

[h2_heading]Locations and Highlights[/h2_heading]

This pretty area in South Eastern France is known for its skiing but it is also famous for the great mountain views and the serene beauty that is all around you. It is also increasingly well known for the adventure sports activities on offer too.

No matter what you get up to while you are in the French Alps, there is one thing that you really can’t avoid doing; soaking up the wonderful views. When you first arrive here you are sure to have your breath taken away by the glorious Alpine scenery all around you and in every direction you turn.

Of course, the more different things you do and the more you get out and the greater your range of views will be. This means that the more adventurous you are the better if you want to see all that this part of the French Alps has to offer unfold in front of your eyes.

Be sure to take a good camera to capture the scenery, just like the team that captured Mont Blanc in the world’s biggest ever photograph did recently. However, even the best camera and the biggest picture can’t capture the life-affirming feeling of actually standing in such a glorious spot and soaking up the atmosphere for real.

The Food

Food in Tignes 

The cuisine on offer in the French Alps is certainly among the very top things about any trip to this part of the world. Tignes is no exception, with a lot of tremendous food and drink to check out as soon as you can.

If you are on a trip with catering supplied in your chalet then this is a fantastic way to try out some of the classic foods from this region in comfort.

In terms of restaurants and cafés, you will find a big selection of them to choose from here. As well as traditional French cuisine you will also find the likes of pizza, pasta, burgers and a lot more on offer.

You really will be spoiled for choice here in terms of your dining and drinking options. Even big groups with differing tastes should be easily to find somewhere to eat that suits them all.


Accommodation in Tignes

When going to the French Alps you might think that staying in a comfortable chalet is the only accommodation option you can choose. Without doubt this is a classic way of staying at a French Alps resort but it is far from the only choice.

The massive popularity of Tignes means that you can choose from a great variety of different places to stay, from hotels such as the comfortable Hotel Hauts de Toviere, where tasty food and top class service are always available.

There are a great number of apartments and self-catering villas here too. The fact that such a wide variety of tourists come here means that every possible taste is catered for. A trip to Tignes is extra special for a large number of reasons; the activities (see more here), the views, the food and the accommodation among others. For an incredible holiday that you won’t forget in a hurry you can check out our current offers on some of the best villas and hotels around.

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