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The Most Thrilling Adventure Sports in Tignes

Anyone looking to put a bit of extra adventure into their life would do well to head off to beautiful Tignes for a week or two.

This lovely resort nestled snugly in the French Alps is famous for skiing but there are a lot more ways to get the adrenalin flowing while enjoying a break here. If you want to feel the thrill of some great adventure sports in an unbeatable setting then the following are some of the best options to look out for.

White Water Rafting Fun

Not everyone realises that it is possible to carry out some exhilarating white water rafting in this part of the Alps. If you thought that going downhill on a set of skis was exciting then you will love the even more incredible feeling of crashing down one of the area’s rivers in a raft.


There are a number of different rivers that flow down the Alps around Tignes, so you can choose the exact level of difficulty that you want to take on. Having said that, there is no need for you to have any white water rafting experience for any of the different rivers.

The easiest rafting experiences here can be enjoyed by all the family, making it a terrific central part of a family break here in Tignes. Those travellers that are without kids and feel a bit braver might go for one of the region’s most exciting rivers.

Canyoning for Excitement

Canyoning is another fantastic outdoor sport in Tignes that can add a huge amount of fun to any trip here. This is a varied and highly exhilarating way of exploring local canyons using different techniques such as jumping off waterfalls, rafting and rappelling.

This is an ideal way to fill a group break with a lot of outdoor adventures. If you are thinking of a break in Tignes with a bunch of friends then a bout of canyoning will give you all some incredible memories to take home with you.


Of course, you will want to carry out this sport with a trained guide who gives you all of the instructions you need and the necessary equipment. If you do this as part of a well organised trip to Tignes then it will be something that lives long in your memory.

Mountain Biking in the Alps


The great thing about mountain biking is that it is a very simple way of getting out and seeing the world while getting a lot of fun and some exercise at the same time. If you have never considered before the idea of going mountain biking in the French Alps then this is an activity well worth looking into.

There are tons of trails in and around Tignes, with the range covering easy ones suitable for all the family all the way to tough trails that will give you a demanding day out. You will love seeing the unbelievable vistas open up in front of you while you ride the bike along the pretty trails.

The French Alps are very pretty during the summer and spring seasons. This means that it is a smart idea to take along a good camera and a picnic lunch when you head out for a ride. In this way, you can stop for a leisurely lunch at a suitable spot and have a break while taking some of the very best photos of your life.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

While the idea of stand up paddleboarding might not seem quite as adventurous as some of the thrilling sports we have looked at already, it is a fantastic sport that can add a lot of enjoyment to your holiday. It is also more exciting to be out on that board than you might think.

The fact the Lake Tignes is so close to the town means that you can get out on the water for some interesting sports like this that aren’t possible everywhere else in the Alps. If you have never tried paddle boarding before than try to imagine a sport that is a bit like surfing but that involves you using a paddle to push yourself along while standing upright.

Paddleboarding in Tignes is a fine of enjoying a day of sport and action in a fairly leisurely way while also getting a bit of excitement added to your day. If you fall in the water now and then there is no problem and, in fact, it is a great way of cool off on a warm summer day in the Alps.

Paragliding Over the Alps

Could there be an activity more exciting and enjoyable than that of paragliding over the French Alps? Anyone looking to add a bit of spice to their life can make the most of the chance to soar high over Tignes and see the kind of spectacular view that not everyone gets to see.


As you would expect, you can get up in the air with an instructor in a tandem flight. This is the sort of sport that is completely safe when done in the right way but that will leave you with your heart in your mouth while you are doing it.

The sense of freedom as you see the mountains pass you by is absolutely incredible and will leave you longing for more. Even younger children are allowed to go up in the air with professional instructors, while it is a good way for a group of friends to have a laugh together.

Adventures on a Quad Bike


The rugged Alpine terrain is ideal for exploring on a quad bike. This is a hugely popular activity in Tignes in the summer and it is no wonder why.

You can usually choose from a short adventure of around or an hour or so, or else go out for a longer trip that lets you see a lot more of the area in this way. Quad biking in Tignes is perfect for just about anyone who wants some excitement in the Alps.

Whether it is a solo trip, a family break or any other kind of holiday, you can check out some of the breath-taking adventure sports we offer in Tignes to let you build up some unforgettable memories of your time here.

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