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The Most Attractive Adventure Sports Options in Morzine

Morzine resort is a fine base to use in order to enjoy some quality adventure sports. This region of the French Alps is jam-packed with an unbelievable variety of adventures that are guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping.

No matter how you like to add some thrills to your day, you are sure to find something in Morzine that gets your heart thumping. Will you head up into the skies or seek your pleasures in the water instead?

 White Water Rafting


The natural geography of the Alps means that this is a magnificent spot for the sport of white water rafting. The fast flowing rivers and incredible natural scenery make this one of the most exciting ways of passing some time while on holiday in Morzine.

You don’t need to be an experienced rafter to get involved here, though. The different types of river here mean that you can give it a go even if it is your first time.

The white water action can be enjoyed here in several different types of craft. For example, there are rafts, inflatable canoes, floats and classic canoes to choose from.

This sport might be a bit too hair-raising for some visitors but plenty of others will enjoy the incomparable feeling of rushing down a river at high speed. Of course, you will only want to do this under the supervision of an expert and in a suitable craft.


The sport of canyoning is simply one of the most incredibly life-affirming and exciting action sports you will ever try. It is a fascinating mixture of climbing, hiking and white water sports all rolled into one crazy adventure.

Only the most adventurous need consider this sport, as it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted or the lazy. Instead, it is a sensational activity that will appeal to anyone who plans on heading to Morzine to feel the pleasure of living their life to the maximum in every way.

Again, you will only want to do this with an experienced guide there by your side all the way. Providing that you have this then you can enjoy climbing gorges, sliding down cliffs and jumping into waterfalls.

All of this takes place in the most stunning natural setting, of course. You will end the day tired but feeling as though you have had an amazing time doing something worthwhile.


There can be few sensations in life as delicious as that of soaring high in the skies over the Alps. By arranging for a paragliding session in Morzine you will discover the incredible feeling of seeing the Alps unfold way down below you.



A tandem flight with an instructor is something that just about anyone can try out. It provides an exhilarating yet completely safe way of seeing the likes of Mont Blanc and the town of Morzine from a unique vantage point.

The simplest flights last for around 15 minutes and give you the chance to do something that could end up becoming by far the most memorable part of the whole trip for you.

Downhill Mountain Biking

One of the truly great things about taking a mountain biking holiday in the Morzine area is that it offers many different ways of enjoying this sport.

While many visitors opt for gentle rides along scenic trails, the more adventurous souls among us can pedal down steep trails with their heart in their mouth if they prefer. Indeed, this is widely considered to be one of the very finest spots in all of Europe for taking part in downhill mountain biking.

There are easy sections and trails here but if you want some high octane thrills then your first step is to get hold of a good quality bike. After that, you can take one of the ski lifts out to where the most challenging trails are to be found. You won’t regret making the effort once you start to feel the immense sensation of freedom and wild fun that this gives you.

Wild Swimming

There are a number of places in and around Morzine where it is possible to enjoy some traditional swimming in a safe and controlled setting. On the other hand, what if you yearn for the chance to do something braver and more daring?

The wild swimming available here is one of the biggest pleasures to be found if you are ready to take the chance on doing something different and hugely adventurous.

This action sport lets you feel the awesome forces of nature while having a huge amount of fun. It is perfect for a group of friends looking to make the most of their time here.

As with the other adventurous sports covered here, it is vital that you only do this when there is an experienced guide there to point out where to swim and what essential precautions to take.

Adventure Parks

While you might initially see the area’s adventure parks as being a bit less thrilling than some of the other sports activities in Morzine, there is no doubt that they offer a lot of variety. These are places where even the youngest members of the group can have a great time doing something exciting.

You will find tree top action, tunnels and incredible zipwire adventures here. This is an ideal activity for a family and there is enough variety in the best parks to keep everyone happy and occupied all day long.

Quad Bike Riding


The rugged terrain around Morzine makes it somewhere well worth getting on a quad bike and having some fun. There are numerous suitable trails around here and it is the kind of activity that people off all ages and ability levels can try without any fuss.

It is also worth bearing mind that this is a wonderful way of seeing a lot of the area while doing something interesting at the same time. You can explore this part of the French Alps in style on a quad bike and add a huge amount of fun to the holiday.

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