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The Best Natural Attractions in Morzine and Around the Area

A visit to Morzine in the French Alps is a fabulous way to enjoy the natural beauty of the planet in an unbeatable setting. No matter what else you do in the French Alps you shouldn’t neglect to take the chance to soak up this natural beauty that is all around you.


This is a spectacular part of the world and by taking in some of the best natural attractions you can enjoy your time here even more. So, what attractions are most likely to take your breath away?

Mont Blanc and Other Peaks

The first thing to grab the attention of just about every visitor to the French Alps is the glorious mountain scenery. It is truly awe-inspiring to look around at the peaks jutting into the sky all around Morzine.

Mont Blanc is the peak that most interests tourists, as it towers above the horizon majestically. There are many places close to the centre of Morzine from where this giant mountain can be seen in all its glory by just walking a short distance.

However, there are also many other fantastic views of other peaks that are worth seeking out as well. By going on a relatively short walk from your accommodation you should be able to see some incredible views open up in front of your eyes.

Be sure to take a camera to Morzine with you, as you will be able to take some of the most jaw-dropping photos of your entire life while you are staying here. If you get the chance to go paragliding then this offers an even more incredible way of seeing these giant peaks.

In fact, any type of adventurous sport you take part in here is likely to give you a chance to see brilliant mountain views. The more you get out and about in Morzine the better your chances of seeing views that you never forget.

[h2_heading] The Alpine Meadows[/h2_heading]

If you choose to visit the French Alps in the warmer months of the year then you are in for a real treat. The temperature rises significantly in spring and summer, so you can enjoy care-free days basking in some surprisingly warm sunshine.

The wonderful feeling of freedom and of open spaces here is perhaps best appreciated in the famously pretty Alpine meadows that you will encounter if you go for a walk. These are gorgeous expanses of grassy slopes with delightful wild flowers growing in them.

The contrast between the stark, imposing mountains and these gentle meadows makes for a fascinating panorama. There are few sights to lighten the soul and make the spirits rise more than that of a rolling Alpine meadow filled with bright flowers.


If you want to get out for a romantic stroll or a family picnic then these meadows offer the perfect setting. Otherwise, they can also be the ideal backdrop to a long and inspiring walk in which you get surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Wildlife

You may be somewhat surprised to find that there are more opportunities to spot some wildlife near Morzine than you had expected.  Despite this being such a hugely popular tourist destination all year round it still remains a largely unspoiled natural haven for different kinds of wildlife.

Among the animals that you can most expect to get close to around Morzine are goats and marmots. Other creatures that can be spotted in the French Alps include red deer, golden eagles, shrews and lynx.

Eagle-eyed animal lovers who get out and about while on holiday here can expect to spot some local creatures on their travels. This is especially exciting for younger visitors enjoying an active holiday, especially those who have never before had the chance to get up close to wild animals in the past.

You will want to take care not to frighten any of the wildlife while you are here, of course. The more respectful you are of their habitat the greater your chances of being treated to some special glimpses of their lives.

The Rivers and Lakes

This scenic part of Europe has some terrific water-based attractions to look out for as well. For many visitors here the rivers, lakes and waterfalls are among the more interesting natural attractions to be found in and around Morzine.

To get to some of the best places requires just a short walk from the centre of the town. For example, Lake Montriond lies just a short distance from Morzine and it is well worth making the effort to visit it.

 It is one of the biggest lakes in the Alps and offers a fantastic setting for a day trip. There is a safe swimming area with life guards and lots of space to have a group picnic or just soak up some sun.

The lovely waterfall known as Cascade de Nyon is another exciting water-based attraction to look out for. This is a great spot to walk out from the centre of Morzine on a short and easy hike.

River Dranse is another big attraction here that you should be looking to take advantage of if you can. It is a pretty river than flows down the mountains near to Morzine and that has an attractive park (Parc Les Dereches) beside it.

The abundance of wild trout in the River Dranse means that it is popular with anglers. It is also really pretty just to look at and to listen to as it goes rushing past down the Alps.

The rivers and lakes around Morzine also give it one of its top attractions; adventure sports. It is possible to get out on the water to enjoy a huge number of amazing sports while you are on holiday in Morzine.

White water rafting, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding and wild swimming are among the brilliant ways of enjoying the water while you are here. The water offers amazing possibilities of having a great time in the French Alps.

There has never been a better time to head over to Morzine and get close to nature while taking part in the sort of action-packed holiday that you will love. Look through our top offers and let your dreams come true in the French Alps.

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