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Packing for a family summer holiday journey



Family holidays in the French Alps tick so many boxes, from fresh air and wonderful views to delicious food and amazing activities – for all ages! Self-drive holidays to this summer-time heaven are becoming increasingly popular, especially with families. For the young family, packing for the journey can be all-important to guarantee the best possible start to your break. Here are some Top Tips we’ve gathered from many years of family travel to the Alps.


Top Family Travel Tips

Pack a pic-nic!

The roadside Aires are brilliant for the young ones to let off some steam, the oldies to stretch their legs and relax in the sunshine. French roads (yes, even the Autoroutes!) are blessed with many such stops; make the most of them.

Alternatives to motorway food

Breakfast, lunch and lots of snacks for the kids helps to speed the journey and save money. This is especially true if you have fussy eaters. It’s good to have a variety of sandwiches on board, to stop the ‘Not cheese, again’ cry going up! Put them in a cool box, for added freshness (see below).

First night meal

Fill a cool box with frozen sausages/a pre-prepared meal if you are due to arrive into resort late afternoon/evening. Not only will the frozen food keep whatever else you have in there cool, it will be defrosted by the time you arrive and hey presto, you have a meal ready to go.

Include a loaf of bread, butter, milk, tea bags, Marmite(!), cereal etc. or anything else you like for a first morning breakfast.


Activities for the journey

Everyone likes presents – make up a ‘holiday stocking’! Wrap presents for the children to open en-route. Books, Lego, crayons, colouring in book, sticker book, white board and pens etc.


Ipad/Amazon fire tablets etc. Great for downloading games/tv/films. Do this BEFORE you leave home, as mobile coverage can be variable (especially in the mountains). You can also buy straps to fix them to the headrests, so the little ones aren’t looking down all the time. This tip can really help reduce the chances of travel sickness.

Duvets/blanket for the car journey.
Not only does it mean the car can be kept cooler (which helps reduce driver/navigator drowsiness but, the comfort of being snuggled up in familiar bedding helps the little’uns nod off more quickly! Popping pyjamas on the youngest, for comfort and familiarity, helps them feel more comfortable.


Change of clothes (for everyone!)
Even if you are not going to stop-over on the way, a change of clothes is a great way to start a-fresh. Keep your washbag (and a towel or two) handy: A ‘wash and brush-up’ at a motorway services or Aire can really re-invigorate.


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