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Do you often think that you can’t go travelling because you have no - one to go with?  Well (pardon me for saying that) this is absurd - and yet it is also a common excuse for delaying or even dismissing travel plans to see the world.

Although the prospect of setting off solo can seem daunting, there are plenty of options for people who don’t have a willing partner or friend to go with them.  If you consider it, would going alone in fact be so bad?  Many travelers love the freedom they have when on their own: there is no need to sacrifice your own plans for the sake of another person’s idea of fun or to end up doing something when you would rather be doing something else altogether. You are free as a bird to do as you please, particularly if you love activity holidays organized by travelling agencies that offer their customers tailored active packs like AlpineElements.

Also, a lone traveler is more approachable; curious locals or fellow travelers are more likely to strike up a conversation when they see someone on their own. These chance encounters can often be the start of either unexpected travel experiences or indeed, a life - long friendship.

Why choose the Alps for your solo adventure?

The immense vista of breath - taking scenery everywhere you look will soon take your mind off the fact that you are alone.

  • There is a wide variety of activity holidays to choose from where you can meet others of like mind and strike up new friendships. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the solitude of being in such a stunning environment will give you time to meditate and re - group your thinking in the clear mountain air. Being alone in such a tranquil setting will give you peace of mind.
  • Experienced travel agencies are here to offer you all manner of exciting activities which you can choose to enjoy on your own or in the company of fellow travelers. Alpine Elements, for instance, has years of experience and can guide you to the perfect holiday for your individual needs.


  1. Mountain Biking


Quite simply, the French Alps have the very best biking requirements, bar none: extraordinary terrain, extensive linked lift systems, together with serious investment in high quality bike parks, trails and features, all wrapped up in the most amazing scenery!

In addition to all this are the unforgettable activities which only the Alps can bring together to enhance your saddle time:  white water rafting, canyoning, parapenting and climbing to name but a few.

Our Downhill and Cross Country riding programmes will have you riding in company and learning new skills in double quick time.

Alternatively you can opt for a more relaxed approach to your biking know-how and simply make use of your free “specialised” mountain bike hire to explore the forested network of valley floor trails; or use the lift system and follow high mountain routes marked Green, Blue and Red for the various levels of difficulty. We recommend trying a full suspension bike to get the most out of the trails for a small upgrade supplement.

  1. Walking & Hiking


The best way to enjoy the exhilarating scenery in the French Alps is on foot.  You can walk or hike solo to explore the lakes, waterfalls, forests and mountain trails. Alternatively, join a half or full day guided walking tour, here you will meet new people and learn more about the surrounding area from the experience guide. You can use your free lift pass to ride up to the higher peaks and then walk leisurely down. Be sure to take your camera with you as the views are exquisite.

  1. Climbing

If you aren’t a seasoned mountaineer, you can learn the basics on the climbing walls where crash mats are provided below to cushion your landing! Then go out and try your skills on the real thing.  You can also learn abseiling techniques for a fuller experience.

  1. Via Ferrata

Try out this sport which originated in the Italian army when they had to traverse dangerous mountain terrain with the aid of fixed climbing aids, wire ropes, rungs, pegs, ladders and bridges.  You will be in the safe hands of an experienced instructor and are sure to find the adventure truly something to write home about!

  1. Canyoning


This adventurous sport combines hiking, climbing, then either rappelling or scrambling down through waterfalls, slides and rock pools to the canyon floor. You will join a sociable group and the thrill of events is sure to bond you with group members. It is a unique way to explore the mountainous terrain and have fun at the same time with like minded travelers.

  1. Parapenting

Is similar to paragliding and is an exhilarating way of taking in the mountain scenery. The marvelous sense of freedom experienced as you glide through the air, will have you returning for more.

  1. White Water Rafting

Experience the rush that this sport gives by joining a group to share in the fun and meet new people.

  1. Fitness Clubs

Join up with others in morning stretches, jogging and relaxation sessions. There are other activities such as paddle boarding to keep you in peak condition.

Or simply relax…

Last but certainly not least, travelling alone gives you the opportunity to fully relax and recharge your batteries in idyllic alpine, fresh mountain air. You can just sunbathe and read, swim in the crystal waters of a lake and take in the beauty nature has to offer. You can take time to be yourself, away from the rat race of everyday life in peaceful, tranquil surroundings. If tranquillity doesn't appeal, there is plenty of nightlife and opportunities to make new acquaintances. It is up to you how active or relaxing your holiday is.

Going solo isn’t the scary experience you may think it is. Take the plunge and try it for yourself!

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