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5 Beginner Tips for Skiing

It can feel a bit daunting to go out on the ski slopes for the very first time. Watching expert skiers whizz downhill at high speed can make you feel somewhat intimidated, but getting started isn't as tough as you might think.

By getting some solid advice on the subject you can stay safe while enjoying the adrenalin rush that skiing offers. The following are 5 terrific skiing for beginners tips that will let you have fun on your next skiing trip while also learning all the time.

Choose the Right Resort


Not everyone realizes that different ski resorts cater for different types of skier. While any good resort in the Alps will have a variety of slopes, some have a stronger reputation as being a place for first time skiiers. If you go to a resort that is too heavily focused on advanced slopes then it could become a very frustrating experience.

In terms of the French Alps, you will find gentle and forgiving slopes easily at places such as Meribel and Tignes. You will also find more advanced slopes at these resorts too, meaning you can travel to any of them in a group trip with more advanced skiers. Before long you should all be able to ski down the more difficult slopes together.

Choosing the right ski resort will also ensure that you have a fantastic time overall. By getting some great accommodation and a wide choice of places to eat you will have a better chance of a memorable stay that makes you want to go back again. Find a great place for a skiing trip and you will soon discover why so many people visit the same resort every year.

Get the Right Gear


For most beginners, getting the right skiing gear means hiring it at their chosen resort. After all, you won’t want to invest in your own equipment until you are completely sure that skiing is the sport for you. Resorts that are aimed at skiing for beginners will have a selection of gear that is perfect for newcomers to the sport.

Just because you are hiring doesn’t mean that you need to settle for second best or use something that isn’t quite right. Having the best boots and skis on will make you feel a lot more secure out on the slopes. There is a lot to be taken into accounts when choosing, so if you have access to an experienced skier then ask them to help you out with your decisions.

One good example of the kind of decision to be made comes with the different lengths of ski available. Longer skis tend to give more stability but make it more difficult to turn quickly. There is no perfect size for all beginners, as you should take factors such as your height and weight into consideration. The smartest move is probably to choose a mid-sized set of skis and see how you feel with them on.

Get a Teacher


Having a friend or relative teach you the basics of skiing sounds like a good move but it could make it far more difficult for you to get going. On the other hand, an experienced ski teacher will give you lessons to make sure that you get started safely and learn all of the basics to stay out of trouble. This will stop you getting frustrated at a lack of progress, which could otherwise see you give up before you really get started.

In this way, you should find that before long you are feeling confident enough to go out on the slopes all by yourself or with your friends. Of course, we all learn new skills at different speeds, which means that the same number of lessons isn’t right for everyone.

A ski tutor may take you out for a longer first lesson in order to assess you and work out roughly how long it should take you to pick up the basics. It may seem frustrating at first to stick with a trainer but if you learn well in this way then you will be a confident skier for the rest of your life.

Keep Your Head Up

One of the hardest things for any novice skier to do is to keep their head up when they get started.  It might sound like an easy thing to do but many of us find that the natural reaction is to look down at the skis that are now strapped to our feet. This could be because of a fear of falling or just through sheer amazement at the feeling of sliding over the snow.

Of course, the big downside to doing this is that it can make you lose your balance, as well as limiting your possibility of seeing any obstacles up ahead of you. This means that one of the first things that new skiers need to learn is how to keep their heads up at all times.

If you can get the hang of this very early on it will make it a lot easier for you to keep your balance and start to enjoy skiing. The other big advantage is that you can soak in the amazing Alpine scenery far more easily. By looking down at the snow you will miss out on seeing so much natural beauty around you.

Have Fun


One of the most important tips when learning anything new is to overcome the fear of making a fool of yourself. This is even more important with skiing for beginners , when there is the very strong possibility that you will end up lying face down in the snow quite a few times before you become an expert.

Once you lose this fear and start to have fun you will progress more quickly and have a far more enjoyable time as well. Part of the secret in this case is to go out there with the right mental attitude. Whether you are on a family skiing trip, have travelled to the slopes with friends or on a solo trip, this is a magnificent experience that you should make the most of.

Having fun in a great ski resort will come easily provided that you relax and get into the swing of things. You will be surrounded by other ski fans who are just there for a good time and who help to create a tremendous atmosphere. It should, therefore, come as no surprise to you if you end up hooked on this sport and start planning your next trip before you even get home.

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