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The Best Bike Rides in Tignes

Smoothie: Green/Blue. Perfect intro for beginners to downhill mountain biking in Tignes. Awash with curvy, silky smooth berms. Distance: 4.5km. Descends 460m. Start: Top of Palafour Lift. Finish: Bottom of Palafour lift

Kangooride: Blue. Heaps of jumps (hence the name!) and berms plus two long tables. Follows natural features, stony in places. Distance: 1.3km Descends 595m. Start: Top of Aeroski. Finish: Val Claret

Gunpowder: Blue. Singletrack for those with a bit of experience. The odd hip jump, and 12 berms. Surface can be loose. Distance: 4.5km Descends 500m. Start: Top of Aeroski. Finish: Val Claret

Funky Tufs: Blue. Lots of variety on this smooth surfaced manmade trail: whoop-de-whoops, tables, lots of berms and even a small freeride section. Run-outs available for non-jumpers! Named after the Tufs lift. Distance: 3.2km Descends 500m. Start: Top of Aeroski. Finish Val Claret

Jump Around: Blue. It may be a 'motorway' but still a bundle of fun. Tends to get hammered by the bike schools, so congestion and late season surface wear can be a problem. Distance: 3.4km Descends 460m. Start: Top of Palafour. Finish: Bottom of Palafour

Gypsy: Red (Difficult). A lot of work last year, now with added berms & hips. Some narrow steeps and tight bends. Ends on the Rosset with a dual slalom. Riders can continue onto the fiendish Black Metal if they want. Distance: 2.8km Descends 500m. Start: Aeroski. Finish: Rosset 

Black Metal: Black. Very steep, very loose full-on descent - strictly for expert level riders. Distance: 1km Descends 250m. Start: Top of Aeroski. Finish: Rosset.

Enduro rides

Ice Tignes: Tignes classes this as a 3 out of 5 technical and physical difficulty level Enduro, which starts from Toviere's summit (2695m). Length: 10km. Start: Toviere. Up 250m. Down 850m

Wonderboisses: The 2nd half can be joined from Rocky Trail for a nice long run all the way to the Dam.

Technical: 3/5. Physical 2/5. Length: 6km. Start: Toviere. Finish: Tignes Les Boisses. Up 220m. Down 520m

Tarte a Longnan: Arguably the best Intermediate trail in all of Tignes

Technical: 3/5. Physical 3/5. Distance: 2km. Up 160m. Down 610m. Start: Top of Palafour lift. Finish: Bottom of Tichot lift, Val Claret 

Palaf: More of a technical Downhill, but over some decent distance.

Technical: 4/5. Physical 3/5. Distance: 4km. Up 80m. Down 540m

Rocky Trail: Often combined with Wonderboisses to form an epic Enduro.

Technical: 3/5. Physical 3/5. Distance: 7km. Up 220m. Down 520m

Forest Bump: Probably one of the most demanding of Tignes' Enduros.

Technical: 4/5. Physical 4/5. Distance: 10km. Up 500m. Down 790m

X-Country rides

Cow Lanta: An equal amount of climbs and descents, more physically demanding than it is technical.

Technical: 2/5. Physical 3/5. Distance: 10km. Up 350m. Down 350m

Trailspotting: More Freeride than XC, one of the best known of Tignes' trails. Even light Mountainbikes can manage it!

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