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The 2021/22 Season Has Started

Avoriaz starts the Winter 2021/22 ski season

Skiers enjoying crowd free slopes and the best start to the season in years


Dec 13, 2021

The 2021/22 season has started! 

The ski season is here at last! Our first guests have arrived and the snow is in plentiful supply. There’s a few more travel hurdles that the Government have thrown at us, but we’re skiers and nothing will keep us away from the slopes. One guest even went as far as to say she’d sleep in a tent if it meant she could ski. Now these are our kind of people!

Our first guests are out on the slopes now, taking advantage of some of the best conditions we’ve had to the start of a season in years! 

Getting ready to travel

With such amazing conditions and some great ski holiday offers, what's stopping you? The rules seem complex, but they are surprisingly easy and you can do all the testing from home.

First, you need to be double vaccinated to go on holiday and show proof of a negative test to travel to France (the cheaper home-done antigen test kit will do). To come back, you’ll need to test 48 hours before you return and you can pre-order (and take with you) the cheaper antigen test kit so you can do it yourself from your chalet and get the relevant QR code. Sites like c19testing amd also confirmtesting are useful examples for buying test kits, including the final day 2 PCR test, which you can also do at the irport and get results in a few hours thereby negating the need to home-isolate while you wait for your results.

Traveling to France 

  1. You need to be Fully Vaccinated
  2. You need to do an antigen test 48 hours before you travel (Buy a next day delivered £20 kit and do it at home)
  3. Arrive in resort to a warm welcome from our staff and plenty of fresh snow!

Returning back to UK

  1. To come home do the same antigen test 48 hours before you travel and you can take next-day-delivered £20 test kit with you; or pop into the local pharmacy.
  2. Do your pre-booked 2 day PCR test and wait for the results…

Last updated: Dec 13th, 2021

This Blog details a summary of where we believe the travel situation to be, right now. Please do stay updated using the government websites and interpret them yourselves. Visit gov website.

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