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Special Notes

Hotel Special Notes

Hotel Renardiere

  • Room Apartment Suite / Annexe - external access required. No natural light in the bunk bed room.
  • Room 3 has a limited view from the terrace.
  • Room 4 Beds are close together.
  • Room 19 has private w.c. in corridor

Chalet Special Notes

Chalet Charlie

  • Room 5 is a small room with restricted head height.

Chalet Seigneurie

  • The chalet has a steep (but short) drive-way that can restrict access right up to the front door in heavy snow or ice.
  • Space in the communal areas is limited. There is comfy sofa seating for 9-10 persons.
  • Staff live in.
  • Room 4 has a small window.
  • Room 6 has limited views.

Chalet Well

  • Rooms 1 & 2 have balconies.

Chalet Nyon

  • Ski slopes are situated 70-100m from chalet (subject to snow).
  • Free shuttle buses stop outside or very close to the chalet. Beginners will need to take a shuttle to their lessons which are a short ride away.
  • Room 4 - sloped ceiling. Three single beds.
  • Room 5 – small double with limited headroom.

Chalet Roc

  • Room 5 has limited headroom and is accessed by a ladder.
  • Rooms 2 & 5 share a shower room on the mid-level floor and a WC on the ground floor.

Chalet Ardoisiere

  • Room 4 has a single bed in the eves which you cannot stand under

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